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Hispanic Majors & Minors

Hispanic Studies

Course Catalog

Requirements for a major

Hispanic Studies

Total courses required Ten
Core courses
  • HISP 330, HISP 332 or HISP 333 (see below), HISP 335, HISP 430, HISP 456
  • Students who test into HISP 232 or higher will receive 1-2 retroactive credits according to placement
  • Hispanic Studies majors may receive up to three off-campus study credits.
Other required courses
  • Students may include 100-200 level courses in the Hispanic Studies Curriculum from their point of entry at placement.
  • Students may apply advanced courses in the HISP curriculum to the major requirement
  • Possible interdisciplinary courses (electives conducted in English or another language; up to two may count toward major): ANTH 251, ANTH 273, ANTH 279, ANTH 366, HIST 115, HIST 116, HIST 206, HIST 207, HIST 382, HIST 385, LACS 100, LACS 290, LACS 390, ML 164B, ML 197, ML 264, ML 290, ML 295, ML 395, ML 492, WLIT 205, WLIT 215, WLIT 315, or any course which engages with Latinx, Latin American, or Spanish-speaking issues, and meets with the approval of the Hispanic Studies program director and the instructor of said course.
Number 300 and 400 level courses Students must at least complete the core curriculum at the 300 and 400 levels (see above)
Senior requirement and capstone experience
  • In their senior year, students typically take HISP 430 and HISP 456 to fulfill the requirement. These courses involve a portfolio (HISP 430) and a formal seminar paper (HISP 456) as capstone experiences.
  • Students who have completed all other major requirements may petition the Hispanic Studies Coordinator to complete the major prior to their senior year.
Additional information Off-campus courses:
  • Hispanic Studies majors may receive up to three offcampus study credits, to be approved by the Hispanic Studies Coordinator
  • Students must seek approval to complete core or capstone components off-campus.

Heritage speakers

  • Students who place into the 300 level and identify as Heritage Speakers, i.e. having grown up with Spanish in the home, may begin the core sequence at HISP 332 (or HISP 333)
  • Heritage Speakers who test into the 300 will receive 2 retroactive credits.
Writing in the Major In order to satisfy the Writing in the Major requirement for Spanish, students must complete HISP 430: Advanced Composition in addition to the senior seminar (HISP 456). In both HISP 430 and HISP 456, students will have a variety of writing assignments and opportunities to revise and reflect on their writing, including a portfolio in HISP 430 and a formal paper in HISP 456. Upon completion of the major students should be able to write in Spanish clearly and effectively for a wide range of audiences and in varied contexts, from informal correspondence through professional and academic discourse.

Requirements for a minor

Hispanic Studies

Total courses required Five
Core courses None
Other required courses
  • Students who test into HISP 232 or higher will receive 1-2 retroactive credits according to placement.
  • Hispanic Studies minors may receive up to one off-campus study credit toward the minor.
Number 300 and 400 level courses At least one course at the 300 level or higher.