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Italian Cultural Studies

A new interdisciplinary perspective on diverse aspects of Italian Culture with a focus on intercultural competence, global citizenship, leadership and fluency in Italian Language.

Whatever the field in which you are interested, the Italian Cultural Studies major leads you to explore how your own intellectual pursuits may intersect on a plurality of levels with Italian language and culture in order to prepare you for life after college as a global citizen. The program offers internships in Italy in fields like economics, pre-law, communications, global health, museum studies, computer science, and music and provides opportunities for leadership and service on and off campus. Italian Cultural Studies faculty annually lead a 2-credit immersion summer program in Italy, as well as May Term study-travel courses. Students may elect to lead service-learning projects in the community, to work one-on-one with faculty as a Research Assistant, as directors of marketing for the program, or as Teaching Assistants directing the peer tutoring Italian Learning Center. This is a student-centered interdisciplinary program.

Sample Courses

  • Italian through Film
  • Introduction to Italian Literature
  • Italian Cultural Studies
  • History of Italian Renaissance
  • Italian Opera
  • Forthcoming: The City of Rome, Anthropology of Food

Common double majors or minors

Italian Cultural Studies and...

  • Management Fellows
  • Art History / Museum Studies
  • Music Performance
  • Communications
  • Biochemistry / Global Health
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Spanish or French


  • Consultant in International Relations
  • International Law
  • Diplomacy
  • International Business, Import & Export,
  • Enology & wine marketing
  • Lamborghini / Ferrari Car marketing
  • Museum Curator
  • International Aid Director
  • UN Representative
  • Music & Voice performance
  • Work in fashion and design industry

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