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Students who major in kinesiology will acquire knowledge and explore skills related to the study of the human body. The kinesiology major enables students to integrate scientific research with educational and practical applications and focus on subdisciplines, including human physiology and exercise; biomechanics of human movement; neuromotor control of human movement; and nutrition and human performance. Students are exposed to hands-on experiences in the laboratory and have the freedom to use a diverse set of equipment, an experience seldom seen at undergraduate institutions.

Star Long ’23

Not only am I learning how to conduct research, but I’m getting a head start on my senior thesis, and it will all help with grad school.-Star Long ’23

Areas of Study




student sitting at a computer doing research

Internships, shadowing and observation experiences students have participated in:

  • Athletico

  • Notre Dame Strength and Conditioning

  • Purdue University Strength and Conditioning

  • Indiana University School of Public Health

  • Team Physical Therapy

  • Chicago Physical Therapy

  • Indiana University Health Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Graduate Programs

Graduate schools students have attended:

  • Boston University

  • Case Western Reserve University

  • Duke University

  • Emory University

  • Indiana University/IU School of Medicine

  • Michigan State University

  • Northwestern University

  • Ohio State University

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Washington University

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  • Matthew Beekley, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: Hoffmann reflex; sports nutrition; and carbonic anhydrase.
  • Naomi Brooks, Ph.D., Ohio University. Research interests: Physical activity/inactivity and metabolic health throughout the lifespan; global health; and muscle physiology, health and wellbeing with aging.
  • Brian V. Wright, Ph.D., Indiana University. Research interests: quantifying adherence to competitive training in athletes; competitive swim start performance and safety and growth; maturation and human performance.