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Latin American & Caribbean Studies Minor

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies requires a minimum of five courses, including a fourth-semester proficiency in Spanish or French (see Language Block)*, and a minimum of four additional courses selected from those listed under the Culture Block. The four Culture block courses must be taken from three different departments and at least one of these must be at the 300- or 400- level. Because of curricular overlap, no student will be allowed to minor in Spanish or French and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Students may major in either Spanish or French and minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, provided that no more than three courses are used for both.
*Heritage speakers of Spanish who have placed beyond HISP 232 on the placement exam, or heritage speakers of French who have placed beyond GFS 202 and who wish to continue their study of the language, must complete HISP 332 or a 300-level language French course, and select from the courses taught in Spanish or French in the Culture Block.

Course Catalog

Requirements for a minor

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Total courses required Five
Core courses LANGUAGE BLOCK: HISP 232 or GFS 202 (or placement beyond this level on the language proficiency exam)
Other required courses CULTURE BLOCK: Four courses chosen from ANTH 273, ANTH 279, ANTH 290 (if LACS topic), ANTH 352, ANTH 354, ANTH 356, ANTH 390, ECON 250, GFS 315 (topics course, in French), GFS 420, HISP 335 (in Spanish), HISP 338 (in Spanish), HISP 390 (in Spanish; if LACS topic), HISP 444 (in Spanish), HIST 115, HIST 116, HIST 197 (if LACS topic), HIST 206, HIST 290 (if LACS topic), HIST 300, HIST 381, HIST 382, POLS 150, POLS 352, REL 267, REL 269, REL 290 (if LACS topic), REL 370 (if LACS topic), UNIV 290 (if LACS topic) Note: Courses not listed may be approved for credit towards the minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies by the Steering Committee.
Number 300 and 400 level courses One to two