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The B.A. degree with a major in music provides an excellent liberal arts experience. Students in the College of Liberal Arts working toward the Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) may major in music. Any student wishing to pursue a B.A. in Music, who has not previously auditioned for the School of Music or for a Music Performance Award, must successfully complete an audition to declare the major. The major can only be officially declared after the completion of a satisfactory audition. Students fulfill all general University requirements, including the specified distribution area and competency requirements expected of students in the College of Liberal Arts, and must complete 21 credits in courses other than music. Approximately one-third of the curriculum is the music major, which is comprised of required sequences in music theory, music history and literature, as well as performance requirements and music electives.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) With a Major in Music

10 credits in Music, 21 credits in CLA (must include 1 credit in fine arts)

CORE COURSES (4.25 Credits)

  • MUS 111—Theory I (.5)
  • MUS 112—Theory II (.5)
  • MUS 121—Musicianship I (.75)
  • Choose .75 credit from:
    • MUS 265—History of Western Music I (.75)
    • MUS 266—History of Western Music II (.75)
  • MUS 390—Music History Topics (.75)
  • MUS 450—Senior Seminar (1)



  • MUS 240—State of the Art (1)
  • MUS 271—University Orchestra, 273—University Band, 275—University Chorus, 277—Chamber Singers, or 278—Jazz Ensemble; .25 credit for 4 semesters (1)
  • Music Electives in applied music lessons, history, theory, or topics (3.75)


# 300 and 400 level courses:


Senior requirement:

Satisfactory completion of MUS 450.

Additional information:

MUS 001–Concert Attendance each semester in residence as a declared major.

Students must complete the core requirements for the CLA including distribution areas, W, S, and Q competencies.

For the B.A. degree in music and the minor in music, students may choose to take applied music lessons as part of the course work (an audition is required). Students may take applied music lessons in any instrumental or vocal area within the School of Music. Only .25 credit of lessons per semester, with a total limit of 2 credits over the course of study at DePauw University, may be counted towards fulfilling requirements for the degree and minor.