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Benegal, Salil D., Ph.D. - Faculty Bio

Benegal, Salil D., Ph.D.



(765) 658-4018

Personal Website

Political Science

Associate Professor of Political Science - on leave

My work examines the public's understanding of scientific issues such as climate change and vaccines. I examine how perceptions of scientific consensus, objective facts, and related policies are affected by partisan biases, system justification, and prejudices such as sexism and racism. My research has appeared in journals such as Climatic Change, Global Environmental Change, Environmental Politics, and Social Science & Medicine. My research has also been covered in avenues such as the Washington Post, NPR Michigan Radio, and the Sierra Club Magazine

A full list of my publications is available at Google Scholar

I regularly teach courses on Environmental Policy, The Politics of Climate Change, Comparative Government, Research Design, and Political Psychology in the Political Science department. Please email me for syllabi or other information regarding any of these courses.

Prior to joining DePauw University, I earned a Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Connecticut (2016). I also hold a M.A. in Economics from the University of Connecticut and a B.Sc in Chemistry from the Illinois Institute of Technology. More information about my research and teaching is available on my personal website.

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