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World Literature

The World Literature interdisciplinary major teaches students to recognize, consider and understand translation as a fundamental part of knowledge.

Students are expected to develop a critical understanding of their own world citizenship. The interdisciplinary major enhances students' grasp of their primary language by asking them to see it in relationship to another language. As a literary field of study, it teaches students to pay close attention to all aspects of language, from word choice to rhetoric.

Through the curriculum, students become expert readers of texts that require exploration, research and reflection. Students may minor in World Literature or create their own independent interdisciplinary major in World Literature. The program acts as an interface for the humanities, encouraging students to synthesize, bridge and weave their interdisciplinary knowledge in a global framework.



Peper Langhout ’19 was an Interdisciplinary World Literature major, Russian and Ancient Greek languages double minor, Honor Scholar, a recipient of the J. William and Dorothy A. Asher Funds for Social Science and Humanities, for independent research. Recipient of the Jarrett Endowed Merit Fund for academic excellence, as well as recipient of the Dean’s Award scholarship for academic excellence. Peper has published a literary paper titled, “Finding a Greenwood: Contextualizing Homoerotic Repression in E. M. Forster’s Maurice” in anthology of Best Required Essays from First-Year Seminars.

During the 2017-18 academic year, Langhout was selected as the second student from DePauw University to be elected to enroll at Mansfield College, the University of Oxford, for a non-matriculated visiting studentship. After spending the 2019-20 academic year teaching English language and literature in Visakhapatnam, India, she intends to return to the United States to pursue a doctorate in comparative literature.

Courses & Careers


Global Science Fiction, Art of Translation, Introduction to World Cinema, The New Testament, Spanish for Heritage Learners, Greek and Roman Mythology, Introduction to World Literature, Traditional Japanese Literature


Lawyer, Librarian, Foreign Affairs practitioner, Teacher or professor, Publishing or editorial assistant, Author


Beth Benedix, Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Founder and director of The Castle, a nonprofit organization serving more than 2,000 kids in Putnam County. Raised more than $100,000 in grants and awards for the organization’s operations. Recipient of the Oxnam Award for Service.

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