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Anthony Perez

Associate Director of Admission

Anthony Perez

Anthony grew up in San Antonio, Texas and has lived in the Midwest for a few years. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. During his time at UNI he was a heavily involved student as a resident assistant, student ambassador, and a founding fraternity member, among other things. These activities sparked an interest and passion for working with college students to inspire and support them throughout their collegiate journey.

Following graduation and with his newfound desire to work with college students, he applied to various graduate programs; his graduate school search took him to Kalamazoo, Michigan where he graduated from Western Michigan University (WMU). During his time at WMU Anthony served as a Graduate Assistant Hall Director, Recruitment and Outreach Specialist for the Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering, and as an Admission Counselor.

Based on his experience at UNI at a small-midsize institution, where it was easier to make connections on campus, Anthony was drawn to DePauw University. He loves being able to make intentional connections with students, staff, and faculty. He brings a passion for supporting students from underrepresented minority populations and first-generation college students. Anthony said “when I arrived the day before my campus interview, I took a walk around campus on my own; immediately I felt at home and knew that I wanted to work here.”

Anthony enjoys watching movies of all kinds, he particularly enjoys Marvel films and Star Wars. When he’s not busy watching movies or binge-watching TV shows on Hulu, he can be found playing video games or in Starbucks getting a coffee. Anthony enjoys collecting artwork from friends and is always looking to support their small business adventures. On the topic of shopping, Anthony also has a bit of a self-declared obsession with the Vans brand, “if I’m not working and wearing my dress shoes, I’m wearing Vans.” 


University of Northern Iowa, '17, Bachelor of Arts: Psychology
Western Michigan University, '20, Master of Arts: Educational Leadership - Higher Education and Student Affairs