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Erin Confer-Staggers: Admission

Erin Confer-Staggers

Events Coordinator, Senior Admission Representative

Erin Confer-Staggers

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Where is your favorite place on campus?

The Admission Office Lobby in Emison because it is welcoming and is the doorway students walk through to start the journey to become a DePauw Tiger

Where is your favorite place to eat in Greencastle?

Don Julio Mexican Restaurant on the square because they know my order, and the shrimp soft tacos are amazing!

What is your favorite DePauw tradition?

The Telecast Parties of the Monon Bell Classic Football Game (across the country, up to 50+ gatherings) that alumni co-host. A Tiger and a Wally pair up at a venue in their city to host alumni/friends from both schools to watch the game together and rib each other as the game plays out!

What advice would you give to a student considering DePauw?

Keep a list of DePauw information and facts in one spot that you can return to again and again. Review the content every few weeks and start making a short list of the qualities you are consistently impressed with or excited about so that you explore those options more completely through the website and with your admission counselor. When you visit, bring that list with you along with questions to deepen your understanding of the items on your list.


University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Science: Psychology
Indiana University-Bloomington, Master of Science, Education