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Loutfi Jirari: Admission

Loutfi Jirari

Assistant Vice President for International Enrollment

Loutfi Jirari

Loutfi was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco, and came to the United States as an international student in 1999. He studied at Southern Illinois University (SIU) where he earned a B.S. in Zoology and an MBA with a concentration in Finance. Loutfi began his career in international education in 2006 as a program coordinator at the Center for International Education at SIU. In 2008, Loutfi joined DePauw University as Assistant Director of International Student Services and has since held a variety of positions in Student Life, Academic Life, and Enrollment Management at DePauw. He currently serves as an Associate Dean of Academic Life and Director of International Recruiting. Loutfi is passionate about helping institutions of higher education define and implement their vision for diversity, inclusion, and international enrollment management. He has developed expertise in leading international recruitment and retention initiatives that maximize student and institutional outcomes. Loutfi is dedicated to student-centered advising, creative problem solving, and leading in best practices.

Outside work, Loutfi is passionate about soccer, long distance running, and traveling with his partner and step daughter. Loutfi has visited over 70 countries. 


Southern Illinois University