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Riley, Emmitt Y., Ph.D. - Faculty Bio

Riley, Emmitt Y., Ph.D.




Personal Website
Political Science, Asbury Hall, Room 103
Greencastle, IN

Africana Studies 

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

Prof. Emmitt Y. Riley III is an Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and is an associated faculty member in the Political Science Department. Prof. Riley holds a PhD & M.A. in Political Science from The University of Mississippi. He also holds a M.A. in Black Politics from Jackson State University.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Mississippi Valley State University in English and Political Science.  His research examines racial resentment, black political representation, and African American politics.  Prof. Riley was named the 2018 Anna Julia Cooper Teacher of the Year from the National Conference of Black Political Scientists.

Class Taught:
AFST 100 Africana Studies
POLS 110 American Government: Race, Power & Privilege
POLS 323 Race Politics
AFST 290 Politics of Inequality
AFST 390 Politics of Marginalized Groups 

Selected Publications:
  • 2019. Riley. Emmitt and Peterson, Clarissa. “Economic Anxiety or Racial Predispositions? Explaining White Support for Donald Trump. The Journal of Race and Policy 14:(1).
  • 2019. Riley, Emmitt and Peterson, Clarissa.  “Explaining the Impact of Black Political Representation on Racial Resentment in Majority Black Congressional Districts.” Co-Authored with Clarissa Peterson.  Accepted. Journal of Black Studies
  • 2019. For the Culture: Explaining the Electoral Success of African American Incumbents in Reexamining Blackness in America: The African American Experience: From Slavery to Liberation. (Eds.) Joshua D. Farrington, Gwendolyn Graham, and Normal Powel. (Forthcoming Fall 2019). 
  • 2017. Peterson, Clarissa and Riley, Emmitt. The Great Divider: President Obama's Influence on Trust in Government and Racial Attitudes in How the Obama Presidency Changed the Political Landscape.  June 2017. (Eds.) Larry J. Walker, F. Erik Brooks and Ramon Goings.