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Rowley, Sarah, PhD - Faculty Bio

Rowley, Sarah, PhD



History, Harrison Hall, Room 233
Greencastle, IN


Assistant Professor of History

I am historian of modern America, interested in the intersection of culture and politics--specifically around issues of gender and sexuality. My research focuses on the subjects supposedly not fit for "polite" converation--abortion, sex, religion, politics--because in a functioning democracy, the most controversial issues are often the most important. I believe that it is only through rigorous, sustained scholarly investigation and open dialogue among people of varying worldviews that a productive intellectual cutlure can flourish. More than ever, in our digital age, we are constantly bombarded with information. Studying history helps us turn facts into knowledge and data into narrative. Reading, writing, bringing a critical, contextualized analysis to the world around us--that's what history is. It is hard, but it is also deeply rewarding. 

Come stop by my office to talk history any time, and follow us on Instagram @DePauwHistoryDepartment


Spring 2018 Office Hours: Mon/Wed 1:45-4:00pm, Thurs 1:00-2:00, and by appointment


Spring 2018 Courses:

H100 Historical Encounters: Sex & Society in Modern America

H265 20th-Century United States

H278 U.S. Women's History 1890-Present


Fall 2017 Courses:

H265 20th-Century United States

H197 (first-year seminar) America & Vietnam: History, Culture, Memory

H300 Gender and Politics in U.S. History


Spring 2017 Courses:

H265 20th-Century United States

H100 Historical Encounters: Sex and Society in Modern America

H300 U.S. in the Seventies


Fall 2016 Courses:

H265 20th-Century United States

H264 19th-Century United States

H100 Historical Encounters: The "Good Life" in Post-WWII America