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Dixon-Fyle, McSamuel R. (Mac), Ph.D. - Faculty Bio

Dixon-Fyle, McSamuel R. (Mac), Ph.D.




Greencastle, IN


Professor Emeritus of History

Research Interests

I am currently engaged in work on African diasporic communities within the African continent -- a follow-up to my earlier investigations of Sierra Leonean emigration into the Niger delta. I am hoping to see how the alienation of white settler communities in east, central, and southern Africa compares with the marginalization of emigrant African communities in their new homes on the African continent.

Courses Regularly Taught

HIST 109  African Civilizations
HIST 110  Modern Africa
HIST 256  African Cultures
HIST 257  Ethnicity and Conflict in South Africa
HIST 281  History of the Black Experience
HIST 355  African Nationalism
HIST 356  African Slavery


Mac Dixon-Fyle and Gibril Cole, (eds.), New Perspectives on the Sierra Leone Krio, Peter Lang Publishers, 2005

Mac Dixon-Fyle and Earl Conteh-Morgan, Sierra Leone at the End of the Twentieth Century: History, Politics, and Society, Peter Lang Publishers, 1999


Mac Dixon-Fyle, A Saro Community in the Niger Delta, 1912-1984: The Potts-Johnsons of Port Harcourt and their Heirs, University of Rochester Press, 1999


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