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Weisz, Eva - Faculty Bio

Weisz, Eva

Education Studies 

Professor Emerita of Education Studies

Research and Teaching Interests

Eva Weisz received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, with specialties in curriculum and instruction, curriculum theory, qualitative research, teacher preparation and school leadership. Prior to this, she taught high school English, speech and drama in Ohio. Her research interests are in the areas of teacher preparation, the nature of curriculum documents and ways that they are “translated” in classroom practice, artistry in teaching/teaching as a performing art and finally, the politics and policies of school discipline and ways that self-discipline may be taught in schools. She has presented and published numerous papers on these topics. Courses which Dr. Weisz regularly teaches in the Education Studies Department include: Foundations of Education, Artistry in Teaching, School Discipline, High-Performing Schools, Senior Education Research Methods and Senior Seminar. 



EDU 170 Foundations of Education

EDU 290 The Art of Teaching

EDU 305 The American High School

EDU 331 School Discipline

EDU 390 School-Community Relations

EDU 390 High Performing Schools

EDU 480 Methods of Educational Research

EDU 490 Senior Seminar



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Ph.D.   The Ohio State University, Department of Educational Policy and Leadership, 1988, Curriculum and Instruction. 

M.A.    The Ohio State University, 1981, Curriculum and Theater Education. 

B.S.     University of Cincinnati, 1971, English and Speech. 

Ashland College, 1986, Academy on Instructional Leadership.


Honors and Awards

Recipient of Faculty Development Committee Grant to attend "Discipline with Dignity" Workshop, Bloomington, IN, July, 1997.

Recipient of Mini-Grant to Support Development of DePauw University's Middle Level Teacher Education Program (academic year 1997-1998), Lilly Summer Institute at Wabash College for Middle Grades Teacher Education.

Recipient of Faculty Development Committee Summer Stipend for Completion of Scholarly Work, Summer, 1996.

Recipient of Indiana Association of Teacher Educators Mini-Grant to develop and administer Teacher Instructional Practices Survey (TIPS), Spring, 1992.

Submitted and was awarded a research grant from the Ohio Department of Education for project entitled, "A Vision of Staff Development for Teachers of the Classroom of the Future" as part of Ohio's Classroom of the Future Project in the amount of $150,000 for the 1990-1991 academic year.