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The Bachelor of Music degree (B.M.) is ideal for the student who wishes to pursue music as a career. The B.M. is the most common professional degree in music and the most music-intensive of all options, with approximately two-thirds of all coursework in music and one-third in other liberal arts courses. Individual and ensemble performance standards are high for all majors. Students choosing the B.M. generally practice several hours daily on a primary instrument, in addition to carrying a normal class load. With careful planning, students in the B.M. degree program may also complete a second major in a liberal arts discipline or an emphasis in business.

Students are admitted to the B.M. degree program by meeting all academic prerequisites and the successful completion of a qualifying performance examination at the end of the sophomore year. For additional information on the Sophomore Proficiency Examination, visit the School of Music Handbook. Performance majors complete a half recital in the junior year and a full recital in the senior year. Students pursuing the B.M. degree satisfy the senior capstone requirement by successfully completing the senior recital jury and the subsequent presentation of a senior recital that is 55-60 minutes in length.

Completion of the B.M. degree requires a total of 36 course credits, including ensembles, lessons and recitals.

Requirements for Class of 2026 and 2027

Requirements for Class of 2025 and Earlier