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Merit Scholarships & Awards

Awards based on academic achievement, leadership, community service and musical talent.

Awards Criteria

In making merit awards, the Scholarship Committee evaluates the following factors:

  • The quality of high school courses, with specific attention paid to honors, AP and IB courses completed
  • The level at which the student has challenged himself/herself across the curriculum
  • Grade point average
  • Rank in class (students whose schools do not rank will not be disadvantaged)
  • Scores on the SAT I and/or ACT tests

Each of these factors will be considered when determining if a student will receive a merit award and the level of that award. Individual student achievement will be weighed against the achievement of other applicants who are also being considered for merit awards as part of the criterion for setting the exact scholarship amount. Students who apply for admission  are eligible.

Merit awards are determined by the academic information on file at the time of admission. The scholarship committee reviews student credentials and will notify students approximately one month after admission.

Special Scholarship Opportunities

There are several scholarship opportunities that have additional criteria or require an application. In some cases, students will be invited to compete for special awards such as Rector.  Students interested in music as a major or instrumentalists interested in private lessons and performing with a major ensemble may audition for a Music Performance Award.

Conditions for Renewal

Merit scholarships are renewable for up to eight semesters (less time for transfer students) as long as the student maintains the academic standards required by the scholarship. GPA benchmarks are indicated in the original merit scholarship notification.  Students who lose merit scholarship eligibility may apply for need-based consideration or submit an appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Office for review of any extenuating circumstances that led to poor academic performance.

Other Conditions of Acceptance

Students must be enrolled full time to receive any financial assistance at DePauw.  The only exception is during the final semester before graduation when the award may be pro-rated in proportion to the student's enrollment.  Students must confirm with the Registrar or an academic advisor that degree requirements will be completed even with a reduced course-load.

Please note that ALL merit awards are limited to tuition costs only. Students receiving total tuition-restricted scholarships in excess of the cost of tuition will see a reduction in one or more awards.