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Faculty and staff news roundup - June 30, 2021

Leafy campus with shadows Brittney Way
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Eugene Gloria, an English professor and the John Rabb Emison professor of creative and performing arts, will be the guest poet at Poetry on Brick Street at 7 p.m. tomorrow. The event takes place at Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, 225 W. Hawthorne St., Zionsville.

The Mineral Identification Lab storymap created by Scott Wilkerson, professor of geosciences, and Beth Wilkerson, the GIS specialist in Faculty Instructional Technology Support, was used in the “Using ArcGIS StoryMaps in the Classroom” session at the Esri Education Summit June 21-22. The presenter used the storymap to demonstrate 3-D photogrammetry models and videos of minerals to facilitate remote lab activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Beth also presented a related “Lightning Talk,” titled “Teaching Rock & Mineral Identification in a Virtual Environment,” at the virtual Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges annual conference June 23.

Humberto Barreto, professor of economics and management, was given a “PALSave Open Educator Award” by The Private Academic Library Network of Indiana. He was recognized as an open textbook author, given in recognition of innovation and excellence in support of textbook affordability and student success.

Glen Kuecker, professor of history, is the co-author of a chapter in the book “The Future of the Policy Sciences.”

Derek Ford, assistant professor of education studies, wrote the article, “Pedagogically Reclaiming Marx’s Politics in the Postdigital Age: Social Formations and Althuserrian Pedagogical Gestures,” which was published June 21 in the peer-reviewed journal, Postdigital Science and Education.

Nahyan Fancy, professor of Middle East/comparative history, was interviewed about his work on Ibn al-Nafīs and the Arabic medical tradition for “The History of Circulation and Blood Disorders,” an episode of “Missing Pages,” a project of faculty and students at Ryerson University in Toronto about marginalized voices in the history of science.

Emmitt Riley, associate professor of Africana studies, participated June 23 in an episode of the radio program “The Critical Hour.”

Deborah Douglas, Eugene S. Pulliam distinguished visiting professor of journalism,  wrote a story, “‘I Wish Juneteenth Could Remain Underground, Secret, and Sacred’,” which appeared in Vice News June 22. She also was a guest June 19 on a CGTN America conversation about reparations for African Americans and the legacy of racism and racial inequality in America.

Jeff McCall, communications professor, was quoted June 26 by Fox News in “Vice President Kamala Harris finally visits border after months of criticism, experts ponder her true motive,” June 29 in “CNN, MSNBC's ratings collapse due to 'serious credibility problem' covering Biden, experts say”  He also wrote an opinion piece, “Breakdown in trust contaminates American public sphere,” published June 26 by The Hill.

Veronica Pejril, director of Faculty Instructional Technology Support, coordinator of the Music Instructional Technology Center and an adjunct assistant professor of music, participated in a panel discussion on “Dispelling Information about Trans Youth,” sponsored by the Indiana Democratic Party June 28.


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