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ARTS 262

Studio Lighting: Photographic Illusion

This course is an introduction to the lighting studio, medium and large format photography, film scanners and digital color printing. Using the lighting studio as a basis for the course students will explore assignments such as the constructed still life, studio portraiture and tableau photography in both black and white and color photography. Notions of the real and the ability to create rather than find a document will be central themes of discovery. Students will also explore staged photography and what it means to build sequential narratives and visual metaphors. We will also interrogate concepts of beauty and the historical role of the lighting studio in reinforcing stereotypes about gender and race. Ultimately students will conceptualize how the lighting studio can transform their means of creative production. Emphasis will be placed on independent problem solving, critical thinking, visual literacy and student initiated research. Course may be taken or repeated at the 300 level with advanced expectations and consent of instructor. Not offered pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities 1 course