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BIO 290


Selected topics in Biology. May or may not include a laboratory, depending on the subject. Prerequisite: one year of biology or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
One year of biology or permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Kevin Kinney

290A: Tps:Biology of Stress

Tps:Biology of Stress

This course will begin with an investigation of the origins of the stress response- history of the stress concept and the neural and endocrine bases for the general stress response. Following that, we will look at the effects of physical and psychosocial stress on various physiological systems, including the cardiovascular system, the reproductive system, and the immune system. Students will be reading extensively from review material on the topic, and then finding and presenting material from primary literature individually an in small groups.

Joyce Patrick

290B: Tps:Virology


Includes Laboratory. Examines viral strategies of infection and replication, with specific emphasis on human viruses and disease. Will examine virus-host interactions at the molecular level. Viruses discussed include the causative agents of Ebola, MERS, Dengue Fever, Influenza and Enterovirus.

Pascal Lafontant

290C: Tps:Cancer Biology