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BIO 290


Selected topics in Biology. May or may not include a laboratory, depending on the subject. Prerequisite: one year of biology or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
One year of biology or permission of instructor 1/2-1 course

Current Semester Information

Pascal Lafontant

290A: Tps:Cancer Biology

Tps:Cancer Biology

The biology of cancer is a 1 credit class that surveys the epidemiology, the cell and molecular biology of the many diseases called cancer. We will use knowledge acquired in BIO 215-Cells and Genes to guide our exploration into how environmental factors and abherent regulation of the internal molecular machinery of cells can drive them to a cancerous phenotypes. We will study the consequences of these changes in genomes and proteomes of cells affect tissues, organs and organisms. We will review how our understanding of the "disease" has evolved from thousands years ago when it was first recognized to our current time. We will also explore the human dimension of fighting these diseases from the perspectives of patients, physicians and researchers.

Victoria Schmalhofer

290B: Tps:Invertebrate Zoology

Tps:Invertebrate Zoology

Comparative study of representative groups of invertebrates. Topics will include structure, function, behavior, ecology, and evolutionary relationships. Laboratory will focus on anatomy and diversity.