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CLST 300


The advanced study of a specific topic in Mediterranean civilizations or literature. Recent courses have treated such topics as Plato on Love and Pleasure, Gender in the Greek and Roman World, Damnation and Salvation, Socrates--The Mind and the Myth, Great Archaeological Discoveries, Greek and Roman Law, and Ancient History and Film. May be repeated for credit with topic changes. Information on upcoming topics courses can be found on the departmental Web page.

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1 course

Spring Semester information

David Guinee

300A: Tps:To the Ends of the Earth: Explorers and Exiles

This course explores Greek and Roman literature of exploration and exile and how the Greeks and Romans confronted the other and defined themselves through the ethnography of faraway people and the geography of distant lands. We will explore a wide variety of texts including Apollonius' Argonautica, Herodotus' Histories, Lucian's True Story, and the exile poetry of Ovid.