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COMM 184

On-Campus Extended Studies Course

An on-campus course offered during the Winter or May term. May be offered for .5 course credits or as a co-curricular (0 credit). Counts toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement.

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Winter Term information

Timothy Good

184A: Lessac Voice and Movement Intensive

Meeting Times: 10am-noon, 1-3:30pm MTWRF
Estimated Fees: None
Prerequisites: None
Location: GCPA 1201 - Acting Studio

Is a Voice and Movement experience for you? Yes, if you are interested in: Communication: Broadcasters, Presenters, Public Speaking Professional Demeanor: Clarity, Articulation, Physical Focus, Relaxed Alertness Performance: Singers, Actors, Dancers, Directors, Musical Performers Lessac Kinesensic Training is unique in its holistic, comprehensive and creative approach to all aspects of developing the body and the voice, for speech and singing and as creative instruments of communication, behavior and perception. Kinesensic training is a self-teaching, sensory-based process based on feeling the way the human body functions naturally when it is free of adverse conditioning. It then uses those physical sensations to identify, produce and voluntarily control the voice and body. Students will encounter the training in a cooperative, non-threatening environment, then apply new discoveries to areas of the student's own choosing.

Not everyone required at every class meeting. Individual schedules clarified on first day.

Jeffrey McCall

184B: Radio Management and Programming

Meeting Times: 9:30am daily and arranged
Estimated Fees: None
Prerequisites: None
Location: PCCM

Students will participate in the daily operation of DePauw's radio station, WGRE. They will learn how a broadcast station is organized and how to operate facilities in a variety of programs. Students' on-air work will be critiqued regularly. Participants will work in two of these four departments: Sports (play-by-play , reporting and sportscasting of DePauw and area sports events); News (writing and announcing news of campus and area interest); Production (preparing and editing promotion and public affairs messages, producing remote broadcasts); and Promotion (making WGRE visible both on and off campus through events, publicity materials, contests and other methods.) Students will have their own DJ shifts throughout Winter Term. Some weekend and overnight work is required.

Susan Anthony

184C: Performance! Production of Theresa Rebeck's 'Seminar'

Meeting Times: 10am-5pm MTWRF
Estimated Fees: None
Prerequisites: See below
Location: GCPA - Moore Theatre/Kerr Theatre, GCPA 0201

Participants will collaborate in producing Seminar, a full-length play during the January Winter Term 2016. Seminar, a comedy by Theresa Rebeck, explores the lives and loves of four young aspiring novelists, who each ante up $5000.00 to pay for a private writing seminar with Leonard, a brilliant and acerbic celebrity author. As they struggle with Leonard's unusual teaching methods and often vicious criticism, they must deal with their own insecurities, fluctuating power relationships, and sexual betrayals. Described as a "sparkling cocktail of ambition, power, and lust," Seminar was nominated for a Pulitzer. It premiered on Broadway in 2011. In addition to attending rehearsals, students will work outside of class on roles and research for the production. They also may attend a professional production in Indianapolis in the first week of the course. Each student will attend rehearsals and take responsibility for an aspect of the actual performance (i.e. The sound designer will run the sound board; props will assist with scene changes; dramaturg and publicity will assist with bios for the program and the talk-back sessions, etc.).

Prerequisites: For performers, some prior acting experience is desirable, although not mandatory.