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COMM 210

Performance Studies I

Performance Studies seeks to broaden the definition of performance and the texts upon which they are based. This course investigates literature, discourse, image, gesture and the body through analytical and artistic applications.

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1 course

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Gigi Jennewein

210A: Performance Studies I

Devised Theatre is co-created theatre. It starts with a blank space and artists - actors, musicians, visual artists, writers, dancers, directors, filmmakers and dramaturgs - who unite to create an experience that addresses the compelling stories of their lives and times. The form speaks to Internet-age multitaskers, encouraging makers to discover the process that best fits the goal. There are no prerequisites, however, students taking the class are expected to be willing and active participants, comfortable with discovering - rather than being directed in - the rules for the project. Ultimately, this course aims to give students both knowledge and tools to "get comfortable in the uncomfortable" from which great ideas can emerge (Francis Whitehead, DPU presentation, March 2015). For more information on devised theatre go to