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COMM 325

Topics in Advanced Interpersonal Communication

While refining students' analytical and critical skills, this course offers intensive examination of specific issues in interpersonal communication theory. Possible topics may include relational communication, family communication, health communication, communication across the lifespan, friendship, communication in the workforce, and communication and aging. Repeatable for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Melanie Finney

325A: Tps:Relational Communication

Tps:Relational Communication

This course focuses on communication in close personal relationships. We will examine the role of communication on topics such as intimacy, satisfaction, and support, as well as aspects of the "dark side" of personal relationships such as infidelity and forgiveness, hurt, and abuse. Prerequisite: Comm 125 or Comm 225, or consent of the instructor.

Fall Semester information

Susan Wilson

325A: Tps: Family Communication

Family is integral to who we are. The kind of communication enacted and repeated by our families contributes to our sense of self, our values, our interactions with others, etc. In this course we will examine the scope and function of family communication. Importantly we will look at the research about family, particularly in the areas such as conflict and negotiation, changing demographics, siblings, and co-cultural and cross-cultural variations.