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COMM 491

Projects in Communication

A. Interpersonal Project, B. Interpersonal Course Teaching Assistant, C. Theatre Project, D. Theatre Course Teaching Assistant, E. Media Studies Project, F. Media Studies Course Teaching Assistant, G. Rhetoric Project, H. Rhetoric Course Teaching Assistant, J. Communication Course Teaching Assistant, K. Co-Curricular Project, M. Senior Capstone Thesis or Project. Prerequisite: permission of department. No more than two course credits may be taken as projects. Not open for Pass/Fail credit.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Permission of department 1/2-1 course

Current Semester Information

Joint Staff

491AA: Interpersonal Project

Joint Staff

491BA: Interpersonal Course TA

Steven Timm

491CA: Theatre Project

Joint Staff

491DA: Theatre Course TA

Joint Staff

491EA: Media Studies Project

Larry Abed

491FA: Media Studies Course TA

Joint Staff

491GA: Rhetoric Project

Joint Staff

491HA: Rhetoric Course TA

Joint Staff

491JA: Comm Theory Course TA