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ECON 490

Advanced Topics in Economics and Management

A. Economics; B. Management. Detailed study of theoretical and policy aspects of such topics as inflation, resource and product pricing, management, market structure, government-business relations, financial markets and international trade. Prerequisite: varies according to the topic offered. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Varies according to the topic offered. 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Humberto Barreto

490AA: Tps: Econometrics with Simulation

Spring Semester information

Koray Sayili

490AA: Tps:Financial Economics

This course is designed for students who are interested in a finance/economics career. During the semester, we will discuss (mainly empirical) papers on several important financial economics topics including (but not limited to) payout policy, capital structure, entrepreneurial finance, and managerial compensation. Students who take this course can expect to achieve the following three goals: (i) Developing a better understanding of the financial world today; (ii) Improving their skills on critical thinking, conducting an original research, and developing/understanding econometric models; and (iii) Feeling more prepared and confident to pursue a graduate degree in finance/economics. Prerequisites: ECON 294, ECON 350.

Stephen Roberts

490AB: Tps:Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics examines the ways in which typical human behavior deviates from the expectation of rational, profit-maximizing individuals. In this course, we will experience the experiments that created and directed much of the behavioral economic literature. After each experiment, we will discuss how consistent these deviations from standard theory are, in what situations these deviations are relevant, and how they affect economic situations where they are relevant. Prerequisites: ECON 294, ECON 350.

Jeff Gropp

490AC: Tps:Econometrics

Spring Semester information

Koray Sayili

490AA: Tps:Financial Economics

Jarrod Hunt

490AB: Tps:Macroeconomic Crises