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EDUC 390

Topics in Education Studies

Detailed study of theoretical and policy topics and issues related to education studies. May be repeated for credit with different topics. May not be taken pass/fail.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Spring Semester information

Jamie Stockton

390A: Tps:Exploring P-12 Institutions as Equitable Teaching/Learning Environments

Topics:Exploring P-12 Institutions as Equitable Teaching/Learning Environments

This course is designed for those students who are considering a career of teaching in their future whether through an experiential induction programs such as TFA, AUSL Chicago Teacher Residency, Fulbright, AEON Amity, JET, etc. or a traditional post-baccalaureate licensing program of study. Weekly classroom study of the field of education on campus is balanced with a weekly teaching practicum in a P-12 classroom. Interested students need to contact the instructor to discuss their interest as the heavy field practicum requires one-on-one placement.

Rebecca Alexander

390B: Tps:Globalization and Education

Tps:Globalization and Education

Examines how processes of economic, political, social and cultural globalization are reshaping educational imaginations, practices, and policies. Looks at the role of local and international actors in shaping educational projects, the theoretical frameworks and political commitments driving their work, and the political-economic contexts in which they operate. Examines questions about the role of education in addressing pressing global issues including poverty, inequality, health, climate, conflict resolution, indigenous rights, gender, sexuality and migration.

Fall Semester information

M McVorran

390A: Critical Theory, Critical Pedagogy

Eva Weisz

390B: High Performing Schools

Spring Semester information

M McVorran

390: Critical Theory, Critical Pedagogy