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ENG 197

First-Year Seminar

An exploration of a literary theme with an emphasis on class discussion and participation, independent projects, historical and cultural awareness and writing. Recent courses have included Poetry of Song, Reading Las Vegas, War and Sex in Arthurian Legend, and Milestones: Four African-American Artists. Enrollment limited to first-year students. May be counted toward a major or minor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

David Alvarez

197A: FYS: Coffee: Islam, Democracy, Globalization

David Crouse

197B: FYS: Heroes, Villains, and Monsters: The Graphic Novel & Contemporary Culture

Angela Flury

197C: FYS:PennyDreadful

Deborah Geis

197D: FYS: Alternative Autobiographies

Wayne Glausser

197E: FYS:LasVegas

Amity Reading

197F: FYS:SkepticismAndBelief

Tamara Stasik

197G: FYS:TheGutenbergGalaxy

Karin Wimbley

197H: FYS: 1980s Media, Culture and Politics