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ENG 392

Genre: Advanced Topics

Study of works drawn from a specific literary genre or subgenre. Examples include Confessional Poetry, The Early Novel and Revenge Tragedy.

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1 course

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Susan Hahn

392A: Tps:Unreliable Narrators

Tps:Unreliable Narrators

"Who is an unreliable narrator? How do we know who is unreliable? In fact, is anyone ever a reliable narrator?" We will read a variety of novels and short stories from 1850 up to very contemporary works, including The Good Soldier, Wuthering Heights, some Edgar Allen Poe Short Stories, Anita Shreve's All He Ever Wanted, and maybe even the current blockbuster, Gone Girl. We will explore the literary tradition and conversation surrounding the genre of reliable/unreliable narrators, including first person to third person narrative style. Just to keep it fun, I will assign fiction that moves across a spectrum of reliability--just so you never know for sure! I've been told this is a great class for both lit and writing majors--we will explore both the literary traditions and the "craft" of plot and narrative voice. Who decides what is the real story? And, why does it matter?

Spring Semester information

Harry Brown

392A: Tps:

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay

392B: Genre: Adv Topics