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ENG 393

Literature and Culture: Advanced Topics

A study of the relations between literature and culture, with a specific thematic focus. Examples include Literature and Law, American Gothic, and Drugs, Literature and Culturet.

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1 course

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Wayne Glausser

393A: Tps:Drugs,Lit, & Culture

Literature and Culture: Advanced Topics: Drugs, Literature, and Culture

Humans of all cultures have used mind-altering drugs and written about them: to tell stories about new moods, perspectives, and behaviors; to explore aesthetic and metaphysical implications; to shape altered consciousness into religious ritual; to promote drugs as therapeutic marvels; or to prohibit and even demonize their use. In this course we will be studying a variety of literary and cultural texts connected with the use and interpretation of drugs. After a few discussions of general questions and the hard-to-classify drug known as marijuana, we will focus on texts related to three basic classes of drugs: psychedelics, narcotics, and stimulants.