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ENG 396

World Literature: Advanced Topics

Study of works in world literature emphasizing a global context. Examples include The Bildungsroman, Representations of the Artist, The Global Avant-Garde, The Great Novel, and Global Science Fiction.

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Arts and Humanities- or -International Experience 1 course

Fall Semester information

Angela Flury

396A: Tps:GlobalCrimeFiction

Crime fiction is arguably the most global of all literary genres. Moving from the 19th century (Dostoyevsky, Poe) through the 20th to the present, this courses traces some major issues, tenets, and innovations in crime fiction, a genre of writing conceived broadly in this context and including canonical novels (like Crime and Punishment) and popular fiction (like the Wallander novels by Henning Mankill) from a spectrum of writers and places (among them Israel, U.K., Mexico, Italy). In this reading-intensive course, we'll navigate and, importantly, originate questions concerning the ontology of crime, the functions of mystery, the history of criminology, the dissemination of popular culture and transnational flow of literature, the socio-political and historical impulses of these works, their regional, national, and international affinity and affiliation, and their widespread popularity.

Spring Semester information

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay

396A: World Lit:Adv Topics