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FILM 241

Topics in Film Cultures and Traditions

(may be cross-listed with ENG 255 or M L 164) This course offers intensive examination of specific issues in film cultures and traditions, often those at the center of current critical interest. Topics for this course are conceived broadly to encompass studies of national cinemas, specific directors, filmmaking practices, and specific genres. May be repeated for credit with a different topic.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities 1 course

Fall Semester information

Sherry Mou

241A: Tps Film Cultures & Trad: China on Screen

Cheira Belguellaoui

241B: Tps: Contemporary Women Filmmakers in France

A broad introduction to the works of contemporary French women directors (both established and emerging) through the lens of feminist film theory. Please note that all films are subtitled.

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay

241C: Tps Film Cultures & Trad: Television Narratives

Ronald Dye

241D: Tps Film Cultures & Trad: The Musical Quest on Film