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GEOS 183

Off-Campus Extended Studies Course

Winter or May Term off-campus study project with a geosciences theme.

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Tim Cope

183A: Assembling California: Geologic Field Studies in the Mojave Desert (off-campus)

Students in this course will learn how geologists piece together the geologic history of a region by collecting and interpreting field data. Several small mapping and stratigraphic projects will focus on important slices of time in the development of western North America from 1.08 billion years ago to the present. Students will work with volumes of rock that record continental breakup, mountain building, rifting and volcanism, sea level rise and fall, and modern-day geologic processes.Prerequisite for participation is GEOS 110. Priority will be given to Majors/Minors in the Geoscience department. This course will count towards all GEOS majors and minors.

For more information about this course, including costs, please visit the Horizons off campus study system at then select "Search Programs" and enter "DePauw University Extended Studies" in the provider dropdown. To apply to participate in this course, select the "Welcome" tab in Horizons and login.