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MUS 380

21CM Topics

Investigations of specialized topics in entrepreneurship and music business. These courses expand upon other courses offered in the 21CM curriculum.

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Stacy Forsythe

380A: Tps:Alexander Technique for Musicians

The Alexander Technique is a highly effective method for heightening awareness and cultivating whole-body coordination. Learning the Technique can help improve body alignment (posture), boost energy and refine breathing. It also helps musicians allow the release of unnecessary tensions, change habits acquired through years of physical misuse and prevent interference with the delicate mechanisms of balance. This class will focus on the development of oneself in movement -- learning to recognize and improve those habitual patterns of coordination which interfere with the free, efficient and centered use of the body. Students will explore foundational principles of the Technique as they relate to all aspects of musical training and performance, including injury prevention, performance anxiety and long-term wellness.

Peter Seymour

380B: Tps:21st Century Chamber Music Concepts

21st Century Chamber Music Concepts provides a hands on, in depth approach to improvisation, composition, arranging, and forming ensembles with non-traditional, mixed instrumentation. Student ensembles will explore their collective musical identity, while developing the tools to communicate their unique artistic vision within the marketplace of 21st Century chamber ensembles.