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MUS 380

21CM Topics

Investigations of specialized topics in entrepreneurship and music business. These courses expand upon other courses offered in the 21CM curriculum.

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Kristina Boerger

380A: 21CM Topics: Hearing Culture: What's Music Got to do with it?

Nicole Brockmann

380B: 21CM Topics: Dalcroze Eurhythmics

This course combines experiential and traditional ways of exploring the relationship between our aural and physical understanding of and response to music. In Dalcroze Eurhythmics, we use the body to directly experience how musicianship develops through sensitivity to physical energy. Although this is largely a movement class, it is not dance. Instead, it uses ordinary movement like walking or tossing a tennis ball as ways of discovering how musical energy works in parallel with the body's experience of rhythm and physical energy. Classwork includes movement games and study as well as regular performance clinics, in which we use Eurhythmics techniques to actually improve student musical performance on the instrument. Our movement work is done barefoot, so students should wear comfortable clothing and plan to remove shoes and socks before each class.