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Individual Applied Lessons

Students earn one-half course credit for weekly 60-minute lessons or one-quarter course credit for weekly 30-minute lessons per semester. (After completion of the sophomore proficiency examination and advancement into the B.M. degree program, junior and senior performance majors earn one course credit in the primary instrument.) Permission of the instructor is required for liberal arts students to enroll in applied lessons. All CLA students who have not studied applied voice previously at DPU must contact the Voice Area Coordinator to schedule and complete an audition before registering for applied voice lessons. Degree-seeking students may not take applied music courses on an audit basis. Ordinarily, students in the School of Music may earn no more than one course credit in applied music each semester. Additional fees are charged for individual applied lessons, applied music classes and dance classes. Music majors are not required to pay fees for private lessons or applied music classes, except for courses taken beyond the credit required for the specific degree program. All students pay fees for dance courses. Students pay additional fees for piano accompanists.

Individual applied lessons are offered in the following areas: BAS String Bass; BASJ Jazz Bass; BSN Bassoon; CLO Violincello; CLR Clarinet; EUP Euphonium; FLT Flute; GUI Folk Guitar; GUIJ Jazz Guitar; HCD Harpsichord; HRN Horn; HRP Harp; JPNJ Jazz Piano; OBO Oboe; ORG Organ; PNO Piano; PRC Percussion; SAX Saxophone; TBA Tuba; TBN Trombone; TPT Trumpet; VLA Viola; VLN Violin; VOC Voice.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Arts and Humanities Permission of instructor. 1/4-1/2-1 Course