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POLS 110

American National Government

This course will serves as an introduction to the American political system. The three branches of the national government and the roles of political parties, elections, public opinion, interest groups, and other political actors will be addressed. Each version of the course will use a different lens to study American National Government: POLS 110A American National Government; POLS 110B American Government: The Political System Today; POLS 110C American National Government: Race and Privilege; POLS 110D American National Government: The Data; POLS 110E American National Government: The Power of Individuals. Only one POLS 110 course may be counted toward degree and major requirements.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Sciences May not be repeated for credit. 1 course

Spring Semester information

Clarissa Peterson

110CA: AmGovt:Race&Privilege

Clarissa Peterson

110DA: AmGovt:The Data