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POLS 390

Topics in Government and Politics

An examination of selected topics related to political science.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Social Science 1 course

Fall Semester information

Smita Rahman

390A: Tps: Gender and World Politics

Darby Morrisroe

390B: Tps: Presidential Elections

This course aims to provide a deep understanding of the American system of presidential selection. Students will consider the historical development of presidential election process and examine the contemporary process and strategies for selecting party nominees and contesting a general election. Additionally, the course will explore multiple aspects of the electoral landscape, such as campaign financing, media, technology, political parties and voters. In taking this course, students will be asked to weigh in on contemporary debates surrounding presidential elections and to grapple with some of the difficult normative questions associated with selecting the occupant of the nation's highest office.

Spring Semester information

Sunil Sahu

390A: Tps:International Terrorism

Salil Benegal

390B: Tps:Political Psychology

Darby Morrisroe

390C: Tps:American Legal System

Deepa Prakash

390D: Tps:Ethics and International Relations