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REL 290

Topics in Religion

Topics such as religious phenomena, e.g., Millenialism, religious ethics and historical religious figures and movements. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

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1 course

Spring Semester information

Su Jung Kim

290A: Tps:East Asian Religions

Tps:East Asian Religions

This course serves as an introduction to the religious beliefs and practices of East Asia. The course proceeds in chronological order, but we will also focus on broader themes of East Asian religions. Emphasis will be placed on the diversity and unity of religious expressions in China, Korea, and Japan, with readings drawn from a wide-range of texts: religious scriptures, philosophical texts, popular literature, and ethnographic studies. Special attention will be given to those forms of religion common to both the "elite" and "popular" culture: cosmology, afterlife, morality, and mythology. The course also raises more general questions concerning gender, class, political patronage, and differing concepts of religion.