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SOC 410

Senior Seminar in Sociology

A seminar of senior Sociology or Sociology/Anthropology majors focused around a major substantive or methodological area of sociology. The course involves a core of common reading, discussion and the writing and presenting of a senior thesis related to the general focus of the seminar. Topics might include: global struggles for human rights, cultural conflict in American society, social problems in global/historical perspective, and race & ethnicity. Prerequisite: Senior Sociology major, SOC 100, SOC 303, & SOC 401

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Senior Sociology major, SOC 100, SOC 303, & SOC 401. 1 course

Fall Semester information

Danielle Kane

410A: Seminar:Stratification and Inequality

Spring Semester information

Matthew Oware

410A: Race, Ethnicity, and Racism in the United States and Abroad