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UNIV 191

Campus Topics

Campus Topics is a colloquium devoted to a major campus event. Participants meet approximately seven times through the semester to discuss materials related to the event and they complete a project, which may involve preparing the campus for the event, participating in it, or reflecting on its impact.

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1/4 course

Fall Semester information

Deborah Geis

191A: Tps: Midsummer Night's Dream

Work with the Actors from the London Stage and faculty members from English and Communication/Theatre (Debby Geis, Ron Dye, Amity Reading, Caroline Good, Andrea Sununu, and others) in this 0.25 credit course. We will study this most magical of Shakespeare's plays from both literary and theatrical points of view, culminating in the AFTLS residency during the first week of November (the course ends the week after that). Students will be expected to attend the weekly class session and the AFTLS performance of the play, and to complete a final paper and scene presentation.