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UNIV 197

First-Year Seminar

This course explores an interdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary topic, with an emphasis on reading, class discussion and writing. Topics vary. Open to first-year students only.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1 course

Fall Semester information

Hilary Eppley

197A: FYS:Materials of Art

Jeff Gropp

197B: FYS:Liberty and the Role of Government

Bridget Gourley

197C: FYS:Medical Imaging: Science, Technology, Politics, Ethics and Cost

Fall Semester information

Gregory Schwipps

197A: FYS:Sense of Place: Writing and Photography in the Local Landscape

Tiffany Hebb

197B: FYS:All the News That's Fit to Print: Reading the New York Times

Glen Kuecker

197C: FYS:City Lab: Complexity Thinking and the City