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UNIV 290


An exploration of particular topics or issues within the liberal arts from a disciplinary or cross-disciplinary perspective. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Glen Kuecker

290A: Tps:City Lab - Intro to Urban Studies

Ayden Adler

290B: Tps:Intro to Arts Management

Arts managers perform the work required to bring arts and culture to audiences. Often this means managing the delicate balance between artistic vision and the bottom line, and between traditional emphases on elitism and "good taste" and democratizing impulses toward access, contemporary sensibilities, and inclusivity. Unlike many other professionals, arts managers oversee multiple stakeholders, including: salaried staff; artists that often work under union contracts; volunteers; community partners; private donors; corporate, foundation, and government funders; and trustees. Arts managers must create a vision that aligns all these stakeholders in service of a common goal and amass the resources necessary to achieve their vision.

This course will introduce you to the "business of the arts," providing you with an overview of the careers in arts management, the types of work that arts managers do, and current issues affecting arts management professionals. This course is designed for individuals who are new to the field of arts management, are considering an arts management career, or are interested in arts management principles for the purposes of starting one's own nonprofit.