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Applied Civic Learning

The objective of this course is to study the civic and social rural challenges by actively engaging in applied learning experiences. The course allows the student to learn through observation, immersion, discussion, and studying theory and civic engagement. By working in a divergent community beyond the walls of DePauw classrooms, students have the chance to develop their interpersonal skills and understanding of offices in a small, rural community.

The majority of time spent on this course will be at the host site. Students will work on projects that provide professional experiences with their specific organization. Through their applied learning experiences they will strengthen project management, data analysis, and team leadership development skills. Focus is placed on developing a more professional student who has the tools necessary to succeed in post-graduation opportunities. Weekly class discussions will focus on integrating the classroom content with the students' unique applied learning experiences for the purposes of deepening understanding of local challenges and even proposing solutions. Their collaboration with partners in Putnam County will foster connections with Greencastle residents.


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1 course

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Marion McInnes

EXPA: EXP:GrantWritingWorkshop