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Discovery Process and Paradigm Shifts in Science

This course will introduce students to multiple scientific disciplinary perspectives in the context of exciting discoveries in science and their subsequent impacts on society. The course will have multiple modules taught by different faculty members from at least three different science and math departments. Each module will examine a disciplinary approach to hypotheses, data collection, and interpretation so students can better understand, and even experience, the discovery process. Faculty members will coordinate transitions between these modules as well as assessment across modules, and students will compare and contrast the disciplinary approaches to gain a more sophisticated understanding of how science is conducted in different fields. The course will also emphasize the relevance of the discoveries to students' lives.

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Science and Mathematics 1 course

Spring Semester information

R. Martoglio

EXPA: EXP:Quantitative Reasoning in Current Events

This course will focus on the examination and analysis of several current events from quantitative and problem solving perspectives. Students will use a variety of mathematical skills including statistics, dimensional analysis, algebra, finance, probability and risk analysis to investigate and discuss topics ranging from environmental pollution to professional athletics.

Fall Semester information

Michael Roberts

EXPA: EXP: Discovery Process and Paradigm Shifts in Science

Michael Roberts

EXPB: EXP: Discovery Process and Paradigm Shifts in Science