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PHIL 184

On-Campus Extended Studies Course

An on-campus course offered during the Winter or May term. May be offered for .5 course credits or as a co-curricular (0 credit). Counts toward satisfying the Extended Studies requirement.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits

Winter Term information

Ashley Puzzo

184A: Critical Thinking and Logic Puzzles

Course Fees:None
Prerequisites: None
Meeting Times: 10am - 1 pm, MTWF
Location: TBD

This course will be an introduction to the study of elementary critical thinking. Focus will be on logical fallacies, syllogistic logic, and elementary probabilistic reasoning including Bayes' Theorem. Course will highlight the use of critical thinking skills in problem solving and will be of use to those preparing for a graduate level examination such as the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT. Coursework: participation, three exams, and a short, 3-5 page critical essay.

May Term information

Richard Lynch

184A: Government of the Living

Course Fees: None
Prerequisites: None
Meeting Times: 1-3:30 pm, MTWRF

One of the most accessible ways to encounter the thought of Michel Foucault--one of the most important philosophers of the 20th Century, who has impacted disciplines as diverse as history, psychology, education, public health, sociology, etc.--is through his lecture courses at the College de France. These courses presented his work in progress, as he was thinking it through, in language that was geared to a wide public. His 1980 course, On the Government of the Living (just published in English translation) explores the relationships between truth, power, and knowledge--key themes for Foucault--through a reading of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and early Christianity. Our focus will be a reading of these lectures (and some related texts; we'll start with Sophocles' play); students will be expected to participate actively, share leadership of some of our discussions, write a few very short papers, and one longer paper. We will thus simultaneously get a solid introduction to Foucault's thought and have the chance to work on the cutting edge of Foucault scholarship.