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SOC 301

Topics in Sociology

An exploration of timely, often policy-oriented and/or interdisciplinary issues in sociology. A specific topic will be addressed each time the course is offered. Topics might include Principles of Population, Social Inequalities, and other topics. May be repeated with different topics. Prerequisite: one course in SOC or permission of instructor.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Prerequisite: one course in SOC or permission of instructor. 1/2-1 course

Fall Semester information

Oscar Gil-Garcia

301A: Tps:The Citizen and the Alien Other: Race, Class, Gender and Immigration Policy in the U.S

This course is framed by a simple contradiction. Race is real, yet it is a myth. Racial categories are very real social and cultural phenomena. They are rooted in history and culturally constructed through laws, the media, and various institutions. These categories are reproduced, subverted, and sometimes changed by people through socialization, media consumption, interaction, dialogue, protest, and political participation. We will explore both its historical construction through immigration law and its contemporary manifestation as a crucial aspect of American culture and an integral component of people's identity. Specifically, in this course, we will learn how race, class, gender shapes immigration policy, and in turn, structures the formation of citizenship and alienage in the U.S. nation state.