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ANTH 390

Topics in Anthropology

An exploration of selected topics in anthropology, culture and society (see Anthropology of the U.S. and topics listed under ANTH 290.) Prerequisite: sophomore standing. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Sophomore standing 1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Lydia Marshall

390A: Tps:Archaeology and the Politics of the Past

Tps:Archaeology and the Politics of the Past

This course explores how archaeology is used in the political production of narratives about the past. We will consider how "history" is constructed, analyze the close relationship between power and the production of "history," and review how archaeological research is appropriated for nationalist and religious projects. Students will analyze the relationship between archaeologists and the media, consider why Native Americans often reject archaeological knowledge as foreign logic, and explore the public popularity and power of alternative archaeologies such as psychic archaeology and astroarchaeology. A final section of the course--focused on archaeological tourism, collecting, looting, and repatriation--challenges students to more broadly engage the question "who owns the past?"

Ama Boakyewa

390B: Tps:Gender Across Cultures

Tps:Gender Across Cultures

Gender Across Cultures explores the cultural construction of gender and sexuality from a cross-cultural perspective. This course draws on case studies, ethnographies, films and our own experiences to explore the complexities of women's and men's lives and gender hierarchies in a globalized world.