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ANTH 390

Topics in Anthropology

An exploration of selected topics in anthropology, culture and society (see Anthropology of the U.S. and topics listed under ANTH 290.) Prerequisite: sophomore standing. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

Distribution Area Prerequisites Credits
Sophomore standing 1/2-1 course

Spring Semester information

Angela Castaneda

390A: Tps:Ethnographic Perspectives on Reproduction and Childbirth

Clark Sage

390B: Tps:Native North American Cultures

This course will introduce students to the diversity of Indigenous cultures of North America from the American anthropological tradition, which is founded on a four sub-field approach (sociocultural, archaeology, biophysical, and linguistic). Lectures will draw from these sub-fields to provide historical and cultural context in order to ground the readings and discussions in our exploration of the unique and specific cultural traditions around North America. Fundamental concepts of sociocultural anthropology are presented throughout the course to serve as a means for understanding Indigenous cultures. The immense amount of geographic space and number of societies will be managed by the use of the culture area concept. While this device is somewhat arbitrary in its division of space and societies, it is useful for both relativistic and comparative study as we consider how different societies developed in relation to social organization, culture, and ecology.

Fall Semester information

Clark Sage

390A: Tps: Contemporary Anthropological Perspective on the Environment