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Definition of Dependent

Dependents are:

  1. your lawful spouse;
  2. your domestic partner and his or her Dependentsas otherwise defined herein, as long as neither you nor your domestic partner hereunder;
      • has signed a domestic partner affidavit or declaration with any other person within sixty days prior to designation of each other as domestic partners;
      • is currently legally married to another person;
      • has any other domestic partner, spouse or spouse equivalent of the same or opposite sex; and
      • as long as you have registered as domestic partners if you reside in a state that provides for such registration.

    A domestic partneris defined as a person of the same sex who:

    • shares your permanent residence;
    • is no less than eighteen years of age;
    • is financially interdependent with you and has proven such interdependence by providing documentation of at least two of the following arrangements:
      • common ownership of real property or a common leasehold interest in such property;
      • community ownership of a motor vehicle;
      • a joint bank account or a joint credit account;
      • designation as a beneficiary for life insurance or retirement benefits; or
      • under your partner's will, assignment of durable power of attorney or health care power of attorney; or
      • such other proof as is considered to be sufficient to establish financial interdependency under the circumstances of your particular case;
      • is not a blood relative any closer than would prohibit legal marriage.
  3. Any unmarried child who is your biological child, step child or legally adopted* child, or a child whom you have legal guardianship and a child for whom you (the employee) legally claims as a dependent for federal income tax purposes, and who is:
      • less than 19 years old; or
      • 19 years old but less than 25 years old, enrolled in school as a full-time student and primarily supported by you; or
      • 19 or more years old and primarily supported by you and incapable of self-sustaining employment by reason of mental or physical disability. Proof of the child's condition and dependence must be submitted to CIGNA within 120 days after the date the child ceases to qualify above. CIGNA may, from time to time, require proof of the continuation of such condition and dependence.
    *A child includes a legally adopted child including: (a) a child who has been placed with you for adoption provided the child is not removed from placement prior to legal adoption; or (b) a child for whom entry of an order granting custody to you has been made

Anyone who is eligible as an Employee will not be considered as a Dependent.

No one may be considered as a Dependent of more than one Employee.