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Prof. Joachim Schamberger Directing New Chamber Opera in NYC

February 8, 2017

Joachim Schamberger, visiting professor of opera in the DePauw University School of Music, is director of Upon this Handful of Earth, a world premiere… Read More

Randy Salman to Perform with Jazz Piano Trio in Terre Haute, Feb. 12

February 4, 2017

Randy Salman, professor of clarinet and woodwind area coordinator at DePauw University, will perform with John Spicknall's Jazz Piano Trio at Indiana State… Read More

Music Prof. Thomas King Provides Outreach to High School Vocal Students

February 1, 2017

A visit by Thomas King, assistant professor of music at DePauw University, to the choir at Indiana's Seymour High School, is the subject of an article… Read More

NY Times Story on Retirees and Music Features Lois Owen '56

January 29, 2017

A New York Times feature examines "a growing number of retirees who are returning to the instruments they played during childhood and then put aside, or… Read More

DePauw School of Music Announces $10 Million in Scholarship Funds for Undergraduate Students Over the Next 5 Years

January 24, 2017

The DePauw University School of Music announced today that $10 million in scholarship funds will be invested in undergraduate music students over the next… Read More

DePauw Chamber Symphony Tours England

January 13, 2017

Members of the DePauw Chamber Symphony are spending Winter Term on a nine-day tour in England. The 30-member ensemble will travel to London, Oxford and… Read More

DePauw Chamber Symphony's Jan. 9 Concert Will Kick Off UK Tour

January 3, 2017

Prior to departing on a nine-day European tour to the United Kingdom, January 11–19, the DePauw Chamber Symphony will present a pre-tour concert in Greencastle… Read More