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Patricia Ireland '66 Managing Presidential Campaign of Carol Moseley Braun

December 19, 2003

December 19, 2003, Greencastle, Ind. - Patricia Ireland, the former president of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a member of DePauw University's Class of 1966, is now managing the presidential campaign of Carol Moseley Braun. The New York Times reports that Ireland "said she has seen strong signs in recent weeks, with an increase in campaign events, at least $50,000 in new contributions, and a growing excitement. 'There's almost a mission feel to the whole thing that is building,' she said."

You can access the article by clicking here. Ireland tells FOX News, NY Times Background.jpg"We are going to the conventions, and I believe we will have a respectable amount of delegates. This is a candidate who has been told in every race she's won she couldn't possibly do it." You'll find that story here.

Patricia Ireland headed NOW, the largest, most visible and most successful feminist organization in the United States, from 1991 to 2001. Read more about her in this previous story and by clicking here.