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  1. 23 Jul
    Craig Hadley Appointed Executive Director of Michigan's…

    Craig Hadley, director and curator of exhibitions and university collections at DePauw…read more.

  2. 22 Jul
    Michelle Johnston '00 Named CFO at Tortoise

    Michelle Kelly Johnston, senior managing director at Tortoise and 2000 graduate of…read more.

  3. 21 Jul
    Joe Allen '59 Recalls His Role in the Apollo 11 Mission…

    "When Neil Armstrong left the first footprint on the moon on July 20, 1969, Joe Allen…read more.

  4. 20 Jul
    Congress Needs to "Return to the Regular Order," Writes…

    "What’s critically important for Congress to do?," asks Lee H. Hamilton in a newspaper…read more.

  5. 19 Jul
    Junior Nathan Seifert Fulfilling His Dream at DePauw

    "It was Nathan Seifert’s dream to play collegiate football," begins an article in…read more.

  6. 18 Jul
    New Composition by Prof. James Beckel, From the Earth…

    As America celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, a new work…read more.

  7. 17 Jul
    Prof. Greg Schwipps to Present at September's Kent…

    "Literary fiction lovers from across the states will converge on Salida Sept. 27-29…read more.

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