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Tamika Ragland Nordstrom '93 Breaks Barriers at Minneapolis Law Firm

January 7, 2005

tamika ragland nordstrom.jpgJanuary 7, 2005, Greencastle, Ind. - Tamika Ragland Nordstrom, a 1993 graduate of DePauw University, "became a partner at the Minneapolis law firm of Briggs and Morgan last summer -- and it was a big deal. Not everyone who starts at a law firm finishes the seven-year path to partnership," begins a Minnesota Public Radio story. Toni Randolph reports, "Nordstrom's accomplishment is even bigger than it may seem on the surface. Of the firm's 90 partners, she's one of only a half-dozen minorities in those ranks. And she's the first black female partner ever at the more than century-old Briggs."

The story cites statistics that indicate just 2.25 percent of the partners in Twin Cities law firms are minorities. The text continues, "Nordstrom said she was surprised to learn that she was a trail-blazer. 'For me being from the South originally and seeing people of color achieving in all walks of life as I grew up, it never dawned on me than in 2004, I might be the first black anything or the first black female anything,' she said."

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